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Scooters, Sunny Side Up At Fontygary

Gioldie once said: "My perfect day is to get up at 5:30 am, jump on my scooter and go to the beach." There's not much to fault there.
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If Goldie’s scooter is anything like these we saw parked up outside The Fontygary early in August, with his shiny gold tooth, you’d have needed a quick visit to Davies & Jones or Specsavers to buy some sunglasses. They really did dazzle.

Apparently this was a little ride-out culminating in a cuppa at The Fonty (as it’s affectionately called). There may have been breakfast too – who knows? Anyway, they were lovely chaps and didn’t mind us snapping their sooters.

Must confess, they looked beautiful in the August sun. Chrome and candy red loves the sunshine just as much as us, and these had been polished and pampered to look their best.

You’ll often see large groups of scooters around the Vale – Porthcawl and Penarth seafronts are a magnet for the scooter boys and girls. We like our motorcycles at Vale Life but don’t yet have a scooter in the garage – never say never.

Do you feel the need?
The need for speed! Perhaps not. You could pop along to P1NK Supercars & Coffee near Llantwit Major. You might just catch sight of some Pink exotica. And you can always read all about P1NK in the summer edition of Vale Life or by clicking here. It’ll tell you about their upcoming events.

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