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Review: Carnivore Crisps Snacks

So, you’ve started a low carb/carnivore diet and things are going well. Then you realise that you’re missing a couple of things that you’ve been used to eating on the SAD diet.
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One, is a crunchy snack. It’s both a mental thing of missing that texture, and two, well you’re just missing a snack. The second thing that you might struggle with is the lack of ready-made and convenient snacks. A quick Snickers (other confectionary available) or packet of Cheese & Onion Crisps are out of the question, so what can you eat when you’re on the go and haven’t brought your carnivore approved snacks with you? Yes, you can dehydrate your own meaty snacks, but this process is very time consuming and, let’s face it, who has the time!

Drumroll. Enter Carnivore Crisps!

So, what are Carnivore Crisps?
Here’s the bit on the back of the bags.

“Born from need. Nothing on the market that had the crunch, health benefits, flavours of lean, and sustainable protein without the additives that chips and other snacks are packed with. JoJo’s Jerky, the producer of Carnivore Chips has been in the business for almost a decade, always being conscious of clean living and sustainability. From the drying meat trims into dog treats, to rendering healing tallow from beef fat, and to the repurpose of every stage of the potential waste that would come from a USDA plant. Bottom line … THIS IS THE CLEANEST PROTEIN ON THE MARKET. Make it your own and REACH YOUR PEAK PERFORMANCE!”

Carnivore Crisps are dehydrated meat cuts into delicious crunchy crisps. They are made with only two ingredients – grass-fed and pasture-raised meat and Redmond salt. Most shop bought snacks aren’t carnivore permissible as they contain a number of nasties including spices, herbs and sweeteners.

What flavours do they sell?

You can choose from high-quality Beef, Chicken, Elk, Lamb, and Pork, amongst others. They even sell dog treats!

Why is the Carnivore diet the best diet to follow?
Using only grass-fed and pasture-raised meat is essential as it works for humans because it is a diet we have eaten for a very long time, and our digestive system is suited to it.

What’s so good about Redmond Real salt? Why don’t they use ordinary table salt?
There is no point in using the best quality meat and then using standard table salt, where some brands produce it in a chemical plant. So, Carnivore Crisps also use high-quality salt that is packed full of minerals.

Not only does Redmond Real Salt taste great, but it also has one of the best mineral profiles on the market. This is because it is an unrefined rock salt, which has not been exposed to the modern-day issues of pollution like sea salt can be.

Another concern for salt that comes from the ocean is that it can potentially contain microplastics which may be harmful to the human body. Just Google it to see what I’m talking about.

No, it’s not the Heritage Coast, but it is as rugged!

Why makes Carnivore crisps taste so good?
Carnivore Crips use thinly sliced meat and use a dehydration process to get that crunchy, crispy texture. The best thing about dehydrating food is that when done correctly, it only removes the water content. Dehydrating leaves all the protein, vitamins, and minerals in the meat. So, you are getting a highly nutritious snack.

Dehydrating food has been a traditional method of storing food for a very long time, meaning Carnivore Crisps have a great shelf life. So, you can stock up and use it when needed.

When can you eat Carnivore Crisps?

Carnivore Crisps brings convenience to the Carnivore Diet. It means you can have a tasty snack with you out on when going for a walk, en-route on a trip or at your wokplace.

How can they be enjoyed?
They are delicious by themselves, but you could also eat them with a tasty (Carnivore approved) dip, or with meats or cheese. A good tip – add cheese to any of the crisps to make your own Keto nachos. Choose your favourite Carnivore Crisps and cheese, microwave for 30-45 seconds and enjoy. Very tasty!

How can you buy Carnivore Crisps?
Go on their website and take a look at the various flavours. It makes sense initially to buy a bundle box of various flavours. That way you can check out each one and see which ones float your boat.

What’s the overall consensus on flavours?
Most frequently bought would be any of the beef variety – rib-eye being a firm favourite. The lamb came in at a close second. Very lamby! The pork loin tends to be a bit salty, and the offal variety are a bit of an acquired taste. Least favourite are the chicken skins. They tend to be a bit greasy and not as nice on the palate. Just my opinion. You may love them.

Great for kids!
Most kids these days don’t play like we do. They don’t play in the streets anymore or climb trees. They tend to sit in their rooms on their gaming computers. Gaming is hard on the body with all the sugar snacks, sedentary lifestyle and blue light. Sticking with simple meaty snacks can help anyone keep their mind and body in focus even during those long nights. Eating lower carb can lean out your body and can help with this recovery mornings. Ditch the junk food and try them on eat meat chips!

What’s the protein value per bag?
They each contain an average serving of 12g.

How about calories?
They vary from 60-180 calories per bag.

How many servings are per bag?
2 servings.

What about sugar?

High in protein
Keto approved
Redmond Salt benefits
Snack replacement
Clean protein and lean
Carnivore approved

Final Thoughts…

Are they worth the money?
You might think Carnivore Crisps are expensive for a snack, and they are when compared to normal crisp snacks. Quite a bit more! But when you consider the negative effects of most snacks, isn’t it worth paying more to become healthier! Also, with a higher protein content, you don’t need to eat as many as they are very satiating.

What about a discount for our readers?
For a limited time, Carnivore Crisps is offering 10% off when you order using the code VALE at checkout! The company ships direct from their online site to the UK and have no suppliers here but have negotiated a very fare $8 flat fee for UK shipping.

F @CarnivoreCrisp

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