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Welcome To The First Vale Life Of 2023

2022 was a funny old year. Not dissimilar to 2021 or 2020 really but let’s not dwell on that!
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To be perfectly honest, I’ve had it with all the doom and gloom. Yes, it’s tough out there (and here) but what we’re experiencing isn’t, as Tom Jones would say, unusual. Every country has similar issues at the moment.

I find myself looking for the good stuff more these days. Reasons to be cheerful shall we say. I live in a beautiful county. I enjoy good health. I’m in love. I have a wonderful family. We have a really cool dog that brings us joy in the bucket loads. The things that make me happy these days aren’t things (although I do like clothes, and shoes, and bags, and other fashiony type things), it’s life: kindness, love, generosity, friendship. These are the important things.

I love funny jokes, and rude jokes. I like cheeky people, and smart people. I like people that make you think and don’t take everything at face value and believe the garbage that we’re spoon fed by the media. I can’t bare all this wokery and not being able to laugh at things without someone, as my husband eloquently puts it, “losing their skirt!”

Nope I’m past it. I make sure I have people around me that enrich my soul. Life is way too short and if we’re kind and compassionate, I believe the universe, in this life or the next, whatever form that takes, rewards us. And if it doesn’t, well we’ve had a laugh along the way.

Until spring. Keep smiling, life has a way of working itself out despite our best efforts to derail it.

Jennifer Hobbs-Roberts
07766 106731

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