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Finance expert Peter Lewis has fulfilled a lifelong dream of starting his own business. Now the proud franchise owner of First Vehicle Finance in Cardiff and The Vale, Peter tells us more.

20191117_113833What does First Vehicle Finance offer?
First Vehicle Finance are brokers for both personal and business vehicles (cars and vans) contract hire and leasing sector. We are able to ensure you get the best advice, the most suitable vehicle, and then we find you the best price. Of course, if you know what you want that’s great, but if not, we can put together some options. We also look after fleets including commercial and agricultural.

Who is involved in the business?
At the moment it’s just me, but I am hoping my son will come and join me in the future.

Why did you set up the business?
I have worked in the Financial Services Industry for nearly forty years which has included branch banking, IT and Change Management in companies such as Barclays, Lloyds and AA Financial Services. It’s been a lifelong ambition to run a business of my own. I have a passion for great customer service and a real interest in researching and finding best value deals. This meant I was naturally drawn to vehicle finance.

What are the benefits of using you?
For both businesses and individuals, I have access to not only a number of vehicle leasing companies such as Lex and Arval but also to a huge range of dealers. This means I have the ability to hunt for a great value deal for my customers right across the country. Traditionally buying a new car for personal use has meant going to a dealer, telling them what you want, either organising a loan with a bank or taking the dealers finance option of either Hire Purchase or Personal Contract Purchase (where there is a bubble or balloon payment at the end). Options that have only been available to businesses in the past are now available to individuals.

This means that trying to find the right type of finance for your car is getting quite complicated – and there are a lot more opportunities than dealers will normally offer you. There’s a lot to consider and it’s my job to simplify the process and present the benefits and pitfalls of a particular deal.

What’s best? Electric, hybrid, petrol or diesel?
Great question, and one of the reasons people should consider contract hire or leasing. There’s no one answer as it depends on so many variables, but an area I have experience in and happy to explore with each customer.

What sets you apart from other companies?
My aim is to delight my customers and exceed their expectations. For me this isn’t about getting a deal as quick as I can, it’s making sure that the customer gets the right vehicle with the right finance deal for them and I take all the hassle out of it. As well as access to different leasing companies, we have connections to a large number of dealers and this is where we get a lot of our deals and what differentiates us from our competitors.

What areas do you cover (geographically speaking)?
My franchise area covers Cardiff and most of The Vale. However if you have friends and family outside this area, I can still help them if they come to me directly, or they can get in touch with Head Office.

Can you source a vehicle if I’m on a tight budget?
Absolutely. Part of the process is to ensure that you can afford the vehicle you would like. Just give us a call. We’re confident we can help in most cases.

Do you finance luxury or high end vehicles?
Most definitely, in fact contract hire makes luxury or high-end vehicles much more affordable for the average person. You’ll be quite amazed at what’s available.

First Vehicle Finance
Covering Cardiff and The Vale Of Glamorgan
029 2167 2960

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