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The Route By Peter Walters

, / 1293

The Route is a psychological thriller set in the boom and bust years of the early twenty-first century and how surprisingly easy it is to slip between the cracks and end up on the wrong side of the law; how the sub-class experience can lead you to activities of which you would never have thought yourself capable before you dropped off the social scale.

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As a project under the working title Multi-Drop, The Route received a Northern Promise Award from New Writing North to help support development of the manuscript.

‘I suppose, in the perfect world, you would have two selves: one who is cool and reserved and can keep himself together at all times and one whom you can send out to make a fool of himself in a testing-the-water kind of way.

Better still that you could have a rack of these extra selves to send out, one at a time, that could then be discarded once they had made an a**e of themselves, leaving the cool one in some safe place marshalling the action.’

The ebook version of The Route will be available free to download on Black Friday and Saturday from

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