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The Key To Healthy Lifestyle: Detox, Supplements & Support

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Spring is finally in the air and, with restrictions lifting, it’s now time to introduce some changes to enjoy life post lockdown!


Unfortunately, we live in a polluted world which is exacerbated even further by our intake of processed foods which are full of chemicals, using chemical laden skin products and, even when we think we are being healthy by eating fruit and vegetables, these are often sprayed with toxic insecticides.

Here are some tips on how to reduce your own toxic load and give your body the support it needs:
* Drink filtered water
* Avoid your allergens and intolerances
* Avoid refined sugar
* Clean your fruit and vegetables thoroughly before peeling
* Choose organic, grass fed meats and free-range eggs as often as you possible
* Check the ingredient list of your personal products (especially hand sanitisers).

Emotional support
Daily we are bombarded with negative news stories which can create feelings of panic and fear. These emotional reactions elicit a stress response, which is directly linked with our immunity. However, by making some small changes, you can take control.

Social media detox: it’s time to free yourself from the streams of endless memes and selfies!

Make time for yourself: mediation has been shown to combat stress, grab a book and light some Clary Sage essential oils.

Nutritional support
As they always say, ‘you are what you eat’, and what we put into our body, has a direct impact on how our body functions, which ultimately impacts on how we feel.

Vitamin C – this vitamin is important to help your immune system deal with viruses, especially cold and flu viruses. Vitamin C is found to be more effective when taken at several times during the day.

Glutathione – is the superhero antioxidant, the best strategy to ensure that it is being produced by your body is through N Acetyl Cysteine supplements.

Other supplements
You should also consider introducing these supplements to your diet, your body will thank you as these have been found to fight off viruses!
* Vitamin D3
* Magnesium
* Zinc
* Selenium.

These simple changes can be introduced today and may be the best resolutions for our post pandemic world.  If you’re looking for a more tailored approach which focuses on detoxification as well as nutritional and emotional support to regain/improve your health, contact me today.

Angharad Evans

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