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E91 Cowbridge, Relocates

E91 has moved! Onwards and upwards for this stylish Cowbridge boutique.
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It might sound like a colouring on the back of a food label but no, E91 was, and still is, a sweet little boutique selling quite high end clothing brands on Cowbridge’s High Street. Recently we’d heard it had closed but, upon investigation, we find it hasn’t. Well it has, sort of…

Mercedes A Class

It’s basically moved to where its second shop was (E91 Classic) opposite The Hair Business (we love The Hair Business). So, technically, I suppose, E91 Classic has closed and E91 now occupies its space. The new E91 is smaller than the old E91 but it’s still there – not where E91 used to be but where E91 Classic used to be.

I know, it’s slightly confusing… but it shouldn’t be too much of a brain drain. Cowbridge shopping is made easy by the fact this uber cool market town at the heart of the Vale Of Glamorgan is basically one long high street.

Happy shopping fashionistas!