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They Kill Horses Don’t They…

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We like horses. Actually we love horses – and especially when they’re alive. We don’t own one, we just don’t have the space and, if we’re honest, we couldn’t afford the upkeep. So when we hear incredibly sad stories from owners who’ve had their horses poisoned by well meaning members of public, or just people being ignorant and inconsiderate, that naturally upsets us.

Horses on Llantrisant Common VL
If you are out walking, resist the temptation to feed horses. More often than not they are fine – they don’t need your help. You could end up feeding them something that could do them a lot of harm.

If you’re a dog owner, like us, please take your poo bags home or dispose of responsibly in a nearby bin. We read a heartbreaking account recently where two horses, when autopsied, were found to have dozens of poo bags in their stomachs (apparently they are attracted to some of the ingredients in dog food that get passed through). In the one case, a newly born foal was left without a mum. Desperately sad.

Please, please, please take your poo bags home or dispose of them carefully.

Vale Life Don't Feed Horses

If you are genuinely concerned about any animal’s welfare, please call the RSPCA.

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