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Lockdown Life: Angharad Evans

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Angharad Evans is an Allergy and Nutritional Therapist. She has her own clinic in Penarth called Angharad Evans Natural Therapy. Angharad, like many therapists, has had to put her business on the back burner during lockdown but she is cautiously optimistic about the future.

Can you work? Are you having to work right now?
I see the majority of my clients in my treatment room in Penarth. However, I am fortunate enough to be able to treat some clients remotely also. I have clients from all over Wales and UK. At the moment all of my work is done remotely. I feel very privileged to be able to support clients at this time.

If you are staying at home, what are you doing to keep yourself occupied? How are you coping?
I’m a book worm and have a library of reference books. Now is the perfect time to get my nose into the books I hadn’t got ‘round to reading. In my field of work there’s always new things to learn and new studies published, so I’m immersing myself in a lot of research in between appointments. I’m also a big drama fan so I’m loving a lot of Netflix box sets at the moment too; Unorthodox, Ozark and the Michelle Obama documentary has got my attention at the moment. It’s a great way of switching off the mind!

Do you find the situation stressful?
I’m very lucky and am very aware of this. The future does worry me though, because I’m a relatively new business and who knows what the future holds for my business. However, I am remaining optimistic, and continue to provide tips and advice via email and through my Facebook page, and encourage anyone to get in contact with me if they want to learn more about my work.

What are your thoughts about the pandemic?
My overall thought is huge sadness for all the people who are suffering directly or indirectly from the virus. I strongly believe we should adhere to the government advice, but remain connected, even if it is through electronic communication – it’s often an excuse to get dressed up, even if it is in the living room. Also, I think this is a great time start writing letters again, it shows so much thought, and is gratefully appreciated by the recipient. A simple letter, or postcard, can mean so much more than a text.

Do you have older family members? Are they reliant on you for anything?
Yes. I have parents who are self-isolating therefore I’m shopping etc on their behalf – it does feel like role reversal. They are extremely grateful for my support, but I forgot how picky they can be about their groceries!

How do you think this pandemic will change us when things calm down?
I’m really hoping more people will realise the importance of looking after their own health. This pandemic has made us all stop and evaluate what truly is important. I’ve spoken to a lot of friends about what they miss. Everyone has said that it’s contact and opportunities to socialise with friends and family. Material things don’t seem so important anymore.

Angharad Evans
Therapïau Naturiol Angharad
Natural Therapies by Angharad
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Angharad can also be contacted on Facebook:

Angharad has appeared in Vale Life several times and has a growing number of clients in Penarth, Cardiff and the Vale. We can personally vouch for her professionalism and the quality of her service.

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