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The First Vog Blog: Farm Shops & Fly Tipping

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So we’re starting a Vale Life, Vale of Glamorgan blog. The Vog Blog for want of a better phrase. Why? because we can and, right now, it seems like a good idea. One of the benefits of being in charge is you get to do what you want, when you want. If you see a word in bold, usually it’ll have a link embedded in it for more information.

Jennifer Hobbs-Roberts, Forage, Cowbridge (2)
Jennifer Hobbs-Roberts at Forage.

Today is Monday 29th June 2020. We had the pleasure of visiting Forage earlier. Forage is a new farm shop just on the outskirts of Cowbridge. part of the Penllyne Estate. It’s very swish, beautifully designed and packed with great local produce from a host of Welsh producers. Were we impressed? Very much so. Tom and the team are doing it properly. It’s quality, and we’re confident it’s going to be a great success. We even bought some produce; lamb chops, eggs (XXL), cheeses, honey and some of Baked By Mel bara brith (I had a slice with my cup of tea later, it was very scrummy).

Not ferns but some lovely wild roses we came across while walking…

The rest of the afternoon was taken up with the continued transformation of our garden. We cleared a ton of ivy and planted eight beautiful ferns under our Bay ball (ball shaped Bay tree) that we purchased from the Dutch Garden Centre just ouside Cardiff. Can’t praise Gary and Lisa enough. They’re always helpful, full of encouragement and tons of knowledge (which really helps, as we know nothing).

Early evening, I popped out to one of the lanes and did my bit for the environment. Must have removed about 230 Himalayan Balsam. I love these flowers but they are terrible for the indigenous hedgerow plants so it’s a good idea to remove them. They are becoming a huge problem where they take hold.

On the way back, near Dyffryn, I came across a hideous pile of fly-tipping. I can’t imagine what kind of low-life you have to be to consider dumping your waste in the countryside a good idea. It does make my blood boil and, apparently, I’m not alone. Incident was duly reported to the Council on their website and, I gather, information has been gained which will identify the culprit(s). Reporting is easy these days as the Vale of Glamorgan Council has a dedicated form on the website. Just search ‘Vale of Glamorgan flytipping’ in Google.

Mark Roberts
Creative Director
Vale Life

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