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Sunday Lunch At The Windsor Penarth

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We wanted to book Sunday lunch (26th November 2017). Our preferred option on that particular Sunday was somewhere in Cowbridge. Penny Farthing perhaps? However, it was Reindeer Parade Day – not a chance. What about Penarth? The Windsor? Yes, let’s try The Windsor…

20171126_170912We had eaten at The Windsor before, and it was good, so thought we couldn’t go wrong. Unfortunately, this wasn’t to be the same experience.

We’d booked later, around 3 pm. The nice lady taking our booking advised us it should be quieter. It was.

The staff are, generally, really nice, but the impression was this had been a long day. Our drinks order was taken quite quickly but, after that, time seemed to stand still – it took ages for someone to take our food order and, once ordered, it took even longer to arrive.

When it did, pretty much everything was overcooked. Not in a hideous “I can’t eat that’ sort of way but, having waited so long, we couldn’t face waiting any longer by rejecting it. The beef wasn’t even slightly pink and the vegetables had just tipped over from being spot-on to just plain overcooked. Nice roast potatoes though.

20171126_170006Dessert was okay. Again, nothing to write home about and didn’t save the meal (which we hoped it might). We were so despondent that I asked for the bill while I was ordering dessert and coffees (assuming it would take an age for that to arrive). By then, as you can probably sense reading this, we just couldn’t wait to leave – I believe I commented that we had started to look as weary as the staff, and the food.

I’m slightly depressed even recounting the day. Usually, The Windsor is a safe bet but it was as if everyone was basically too tired to deliver – shame.

So, to sum up…
Nice place, great décor
Good ambience
Parking no problem
Seriously slow service
Overcooked food

Would I return?
Yes, because it’s been pretty good in the past and I think everyone is allowed an off day. But on this Sunday, The Windsor didn’t quite cut the mustard.

P.S. They let dogs in, which is fine with us. We love dogs!

The Windsor
95 Windsor Road
Penarth CF64 1JE
029 2070 8675

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