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Harley Calls The Shots In Trostre Boxing Barn Stormer

Report by Neil Munn, HeadCoach, Penarth Amateur Boxing Club.
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Penarth ABC heavyweight Harly Vastaloo boxed again last Friday (17th November). This time, Harly and myself went over to west Wales (Trostre) and what a barn stormer of a fight it was.

Penarth ABC2

Harley fought James Didcock of the well-respected Trostre Amateur Boxing Club. Harly had about a seven inch height advantage over Didcock, but that isn’t always an advantage because if the shorter guy is good, he can pull you down onto his punches and, if you go down and he is coming up, the punches are doubled in power – something that the great Rocky Marciano was brilliant at.

Harly was told when he went out in the first round to stay behind his long jab, and then to fire his right hand down on to Didcocks chin, or to bring the right hand up under his chin. But he had to do this without compromising his height advantage. Harly did this extremely well but Didcock, who has had a lot more experience than Harly, was very hard to catch clean and, to his credit, when he did get caught he always came back with something straight away. Harly edged the first round.

Penarth ABC1
Second round: Didcock flew at Harly and, fair doos to Harly, he held his ground and stood strong. Didcock threw about ten punches and Harly took them all on his arms and gloves. Then it was Harly’s turn and, I have to say, I have never seen an amateur, heavyweight boxer take so many big punches as Didcock did that round, and every time he always came back with something of his own, so the ref couldn’t give him a standing eight count. Harly won the second round.

The third round was just like the second, with Harly and Didcock exchanging some big punches with Harly just coming out on top and was awarded a unanimous points decision. Harly will be back out again before Christmas, ready for the Welsh Championships in January.

Neil Munn
Head Coach

Penarth Amateur Boxing Club
Station Road, Penarth, CF64 3EP

For more information, please call Neil on 07773 550401.


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