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Park Life & Pizza, Penarth Style

, / 2051

Lovely walk around Penarth lunchtime. Down Station Road, on to the old railway line (where the boys and girls from Penarth ABC train), left at the bottom and up onto the cliff. It wasn’t too windy today so we didn’t get blown about.

Instead of dropping down the hill past Penarth Yacht Club, we carried on through Windsor Gardens. And very lovely it is too. The parkies have done a fantastic job of the planting. Tons of proper wild British flowers (not that nasty packet stuff that has no resemblance to anything native). So hats off to the Vale of Glamorgan Council. The lads who were working there today were doing a brilliant job.

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We left that park opposite Penarth Pier and walked up the hill and right into Alexandra Park. After a quick jog up the Dolly Steps we popped out by Villa Napoli. It’s just a quick walk then around to the car park in front of the station.

We had a nice surprise today as we bumped into an old pal David Davies. Dave used to own the The Newbridge on Usk (amongst other bigger businesses) back in the day but now owns Kin+Ilk (the coffee shops you’ve probably seen around Cardiff). We had a lovely chat and catch up outside Etc. Meanwhile, our lad ordered a very nice pepperoni pizza from Pizza Pronto. Can highly recommend the pepperoni and the seafood option. They are really excellent. Jack gave them an 8/10. A pretty solid rating.

If you love wild flowers, you might like this lovely book from Collins. The Collins Wildflower Guide is available from Amazon, Click here to view.

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