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Make A Smart Gift Choice This Christmas

Smart Toys and Games unveil its Christmas Heroes for 2022.
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Smart Toys and Games, home to seven multi award-winning educational brands including the world-renowned SmartGames and SmartMax, is thrilled to unveil its Christmas heroes for 2022! Committed in creating fun and inspirational toys and games for all, they are sure to be at the top of many Christmas lists again this year. With new launches and true classics for all the family, Christmas fun is guaranteed.

Penguins Huddle Up

Huddle Up is the brand-new multi-player game from SmartGames – perfect for some good old family rivalry on Christmas Day! In this fun and festive family board game, penguins are scattered across the ice and it’s starting to get cold! The aim of the game is to move your penguins together into a huddle … while blocking your opponents from doing the same.
RRP £24.99

30 Seconds

After the little ones have been put to bed, layers 12+ are sure to be in hysterics with the best-selling board game, 30 Seconds. Giving players just 30 seconds to describe five names on their chosen card, for their teammates to guess. From landmarks to TV shows, celebrities to popular songs, players will be kept on their toes whizzing through the list as fast as they can without saying the actual names or using any “sounds like” or rhyming tactics – sure to be a firm favourite on Christmas night and beyond!
RRP £24.99

Horse Academy

Horse Academy is a charming game that will see little ones 7+ galloping off to the gymkhana this Christmas! Allowing players to create their very own show jumping path and sequence, the all-new game will have players working towards the winning rosette! Taking the horse successfully from start to finish is sure to be a mind boggler, but can you canter over the jumps in the right sequence, and out of the exit gate?
RRP £19.99

Grizzly Gears

Next up it’s time to battle with some bears in Grizzly Gears. Players must rotate the trees to help guide the characters through the forest, but they need to beware of the bear! This original puzzle game will keep players on their toes thanks to a literal twist, quite simply, no one is out of the woods until all 80 challenges have been solved.
RRP £19.99

IQ Love
Show your brain some love this Christmas with IQ Love. The travel friendly puzzle game revolves around 10 colourful gemstones, which players 7+ must fit in the board. Thanks to its double-sided board, the game boasts 120 challenges for an extended relationship!
RRP £12.99

SmartMax Roboflex
Get creative and make our own colourful, crazy robots. The new, flexible, extendable magnetic bars add an extra dimension to the SmartMax playset. Choose your parts, bend, extend, assemble, and play! Will your robot fly, jump, grab, wobble, or drive? This twelve-piece set including inspirational poster helps develop fine motor skills. Roboflex can be combined with all other SmartMax sets.
RRP £24.99

Suitable for ages 2+, Peek-a-Zoo makes a fantastic gift for the smallest members of the family. It’s a great educational game for pre-schoolers to practice language skills, learn about colours, animals, and concepts, such as above, below, inside and outside. This educational game is made of qualitative, durable cardboard and is easy to store and take with you wherever you go.
RRP £17.99

Go Genius World

From Albania to Zimbabwe, this entertaining board game for 2-4 players is the educational trip of a lifetime. Travel around the board answering multiple choice questions, on everything from capitals and countries to the tallest mountains and saltiest seas! Can you name the longest river in the world? Or which country Komodo dragons come from? The more you play, the more you learn, as you compete for the most points to earn a well-deserved genius stamp in your game passport.
RRP £19.99

SmartMax My First Wobbly Cars

SmartMax is the award-winning pre-school magnetic construction system, which provides children aged 1 year+ with the chance to explore the fascinating world of magnetism in a fun and safe way. With “My Fist Wobbly Cars”, children aged 1-5 are invited into the driving seat as they can create their own Wobbly train and pull it along with these magnetic fun-moving cars! Children can mix their cars and metal balls to create different wobbly combinations or use the pull rope as a fishing rod – the possibilities are endless!
RRP £19.99

IQ Six Pro

Promising the same level of fun as one of the world’s most popular puzzles, the IQ Puzzler Pro, but on a hexagonal grid! Offering players three ways to play, the top of the game board has a grid for both 2D challenges and 3D pyramid challenges, whilst the base invite players to make colourful butterflies on the 2D challenge grid! A fantastic travel game complete with the transparent lid, 12 colourful hexagonal puzzle pieces and a booklet with 120 challenges and solutions!

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