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Wahaca Christmas Menu: Wahaca Forever!

You may or may not know it but we're big fans of Mexican food and, especially, Wahaca.
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No surprise then that the merest mention of a menu change at Wahaca pricked our ears, and our taste buds. So we saddle up the “Leetle Mule” (Romancing The Stone fans will get the reference), and we head for Cardiff.

We arrive promptly at 11:59 am. Wahaca opens at high noon (sorry, couldn’t resist the Wild West terminology), and we’re sat down on the dot. Other than us, Wahaca is empty but, soon enough, there’s a steady trickle of hungry hombres entering to keep us company. It’s a miserable day outside but the Wahaca interior goes a long way to cheering us up. It would usually – there are lots of warm tones and the lighting adds to the ambience. Today though, the Christmas decorations are up, which is good because it’s the Whaca Christmas Specials we’re here for.

There are several seasonal specials on the menu. Turkey Taquito (roast shredded turkey with smokey bacon, chestnut, sage and cranberry stuffing in a crisp corn tortilla). Mince Pie Empenadas – you get two, hence the plural (crispy sugar-coated parcels filled with, and I quote: “luxurious mincemeat with a touch of mezcal. Served with brandy butter ice cream”. We ordered both – seemed rude not to. The Turkey Taquito was good but didn’t have that “turkeyness” I was hoping for. I sort of expected a Christmas dinner in a tortilla but it wasn’t. Perhaps my expectations were running a little high.

The Mince Pie Empenadas on the other hand were delish. Were they luxurious? Not sure if they were, but they were scrummy and went well with the brandy butter ice cream. In hindsight, I would order more ice cream – I think they needed that, for me anyway, because they were quite rich.

The brilliant Crispy Cauliflower Bites. More please!

What else did we order? Buttermilk Chicken Tacos – they were lovely, and the Pork Pibil Tacos were equally tasty. We had to order the usual portion of Crispy Cauliflower Bites. Honestly, I could order three portions of those and that would be lunch for me – they are truly epic.

The highlight for this particular meal though (apart from our undying love of the Crispy Cauliflower Bites) was the Pork Burrito, above (£12.20). Real value for money and a seriously decent portion. We also ordered another old favourite – the Brisket Taco. It never fails to deliver on taste.

So, a meal for two under £70 including drinks seems pretty good. Bear in mind, we also took home three cartons to eat later – that’s excellent value for money. I’m not usually someone who loves spicy food but, for some unfathomable reason, Wahaca works for me, and the Festive Feasting additions to the menu are a Christmas hit.

The Mince Pie Empenadas. Seriously sweet and scrummy.

You always praise Wahaca I can hear you muttering. Well, deservedly so, they nail it pretty much every time. The decor, and Christmas decorations in this case, was flawless. The staff are attentive (although they did forget one drink – a minor misdemeanour in the bigger scheme of things). The food is excellent and it’s price point is right for the offering. And, just one other minor thing – it’s spotlessly clean. I’ve walked from restaurants because of cleanliness issues. Wahaca Cardiff appears to be run by a team who genuinely care about their customers.

Have a spicy Christmas. If you do go, please let them know Vale Life recommended them.

“Wahaca Forever!”


Bridge Street
51-53 The Hayes
Cardiff CF10 1GA
029 2167 0414

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