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Domestic & General: Hoover Candy Revisited

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A little while ago we posted about our policy with Domestic & General and our Hoover Candy washing machine. They’ve had a couple of attempts at repairing it and this time, the dreaded intermittent E03 was flashing again. We called to arrange an appointment last week and they said the earliest they could see us was January 4th. Ouch.

Not really a surprise given a Covid Tier 4 lockdown is in place and Christmas just a week away – however, a couple of days ago we got a call to say they had had a cancellation locally and could fit us in. Happy days.

A Polish (possibly – certainly east european) chap arrived and within half an hour had worked out (hopefully) what the issue was. He replaced a split hose and a pretty hideous crud encrusted heater element. He also advised us to clean the machine with a special product regularly (nice upsell – hope he gets commission). Now the machine is working again, thankfully.

Why do I mention the fact he was east european? Because we hear so much negativity around so called migrant workers – “they’re stealing our jobs, they’re this, they’re that”. My experience is they’re generally pretty good at what they do. And they work hard with no grumbles. I’ll get off my soapbox.

So, pat on the back for Domestic & General and Hoover Candy’s engineer. Normal service, for now, has resumed.

Under promise, over deliver…
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