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Vale Boutiques Offering Superb Customer Care

The Vale of Glamorgan has some brilliant boutiques. Shopping online is fine but indies are best for try-ons.
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This will probably interest you if you are a potential customer (after all, we all are) or those running a business and, for the purposes of this, a boutique. We have some amazing independent boutiques in the Vale, but what makes a boutique brilliant?

In our humble opinion, the key to good customer service is: 1. Build good relationships with your customers. 2. Show you appreciate them, and 3. Promote a positive, helpful and friendly environment that makes it easy for them to do business with you (and, don’t forget to smile).

This will help ensure they leave with a great impression. Doing these few simple things will make for a happy customer that will return often and is likely to spend more in the long run.

Tallia Gift Voucher
There are many boutiques in the Vale of Glamorgan who do follow these golden rules, and some are definitely more adept than others.

I know it’s difficult to employ the right staff to sell your products or services; availability and cost comes into this and nobody knows your business better than you and can sell it as well as you. But there truly is nothing worse than walking into a boutique and being greeted (or not!) by a staff member who clearly isn’t interested in you or what they are supposed to be selling.

I have had experiences of being told that something looks amazing on me when I know full well that it doesn’t. What you want is the honest truth, as painful as that might be. When you do get home and pop the item on to show your hubby, partner or, even worse, your teenage daughter and you then receive the brutal truth, your confidence can be well and truly shattered. You’re then faced with having to take the item back (annoying and embarrassing) and, given that experience, you won’t want to shop there again for fear of the same experience.

Here is a list of Vale boutiques that I have shopped at on my own, and with my mum, which provide great customer service, honest advice and that I would certainly want to continue shopping in:

List last updated 2nd October 2023

Beloved Boutique
Box Edit Boutique
Bryl’s Boutique
Design at 99 (they are a gift shop but also sell a few items of clothing)
The Bee’s Knees
The Gallery

Venetia Steele Boutique / Cover star August 2021

Bethan Jones, Cowbridge MR
Bethan Jones, Cowbridge

Arthur John (stocks Barbour)
Bethan Jones
Coco Plum
Colours (great for mother of the bride and prom)
Dog & Rider (slightly outside Cowbridge near Fredwells Cafe)
Gibson and Bond (for ladies and gentlemen)
Goose Island
Jon Ian
Kathy Gittins (the style of clothes doesn’t suit me but the customer service was excellent while I was browsing)
King Fox (for the man in your life)
Square Spots
Visage (the ladies in there are a scream!)
W G Davies

The lovely ladies at Miss De-Vyliers, Pontyclun

Samantha B

Lou’s Boutique
The Queen B

Miss De-Vyliers

Little Big Boutique has closed. Will be visiting again soon to update list.

Llantwit Major
Rio Fashions

LouLou Boutique (in Pyle Garden Village so you can easily lose a couple of hours there – and there’s a great cafe on site).

All good things must pass…
It’s always sad when boutiques close. Like the lovely Jade in Barry. Here I am with owner Jane who has now retired.

Jennifer Hobbs-Roberts at Jade, Barry

Do you have a favourite boutique, shop or business in the Vale of Glamorgan?
At Vale Life we’ve always invited businesses into the magazine because a) we’ve consistently had a good experience ourselves, and b) because the business has been recommended to us.

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