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You Can’t Get Better Than A Kwik Fit Fitter

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As you probably know, we like to support independent garages. However, sometimes, they just can’t get you in quick enough (thankfully because they’re busy). So when you get a puncture, often it’s Kwik Fit we turn to as we did very recently. Now it just so happens that we were unlucky enough to get a second puncture plus, to complicate things, the ball joint needed replacing.

Van was duly booked in, ball joint ordered, tyres replaced in the meantime and we had to go back in to have the ball joint sorted. Sod’s Law. While it’s in the air, a bolt sheared off while being removed and there wasn’t one in stock so would have to be ordered for delivery the following day.

Thinks: “How do I get home to Rhoose?” No problem, one of the chaps drove me home from Barry to Rhoose – how kind is that?! Fair play, Neil and the boys at Barry Kwik Fit are always super helpful. Van’s back on the road and we’re happy customers as usual.

You can’t get better than…
A solid 9/10 for service. “Why not a ten?” I hear you ask. The Hot Chocolate machine was out of order because of Covid. No way could I give them a ten, we don’t want them getting all cocky do we?


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