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Hawkes, in the beautiful Morgan Arcade, Cardiff, has an enviable reputation for fine clothing and tailored suits for men. However, with more and more women in senior roles in organisations, owner Russell Scott-Lawson says he has noticed a growing percentage of his clientele are professional women looking for a more tailored, stylish solution.


Vale Life was invited to Hawkes as Sofie Symonds, Director of Innovia Wealth Management, was being measured for her new tailored business suit. We chatted with Sofie to find out more.

How do you know Russell?
I know Russell through my husband Alex Symonds, Alex is an old customer of Hawkes, this is going back at least ten years ago when Alex used to play for Cardiff Devils, and the majority of the team uses Hawkes.

Why do you choose Hawkes for your suits?
As a financial adviser, investment is one of many areas that I deal with on daily basis. In my profession it’s important to look the part. High quality suits are simply an investment in myself and my business, and I do enjoy spending a little extra of my hard-earned money on quality, classic pieces that will last a lifetime and remain in style. After all, a perfectly tailored suit conveys gravitas, style and a sense of identity.


Why is tailoring important to you?
I have enough challenges throughout the workday, and my wardrobe shouldn’t be one of them. The business case for making a great first impression always applies. Studies have found that first impressions are formed within seven to seventeen seconds of meeting you and 55% of their opinion is based on physical appearance.

How important is good tailoring to you?
It’s about quality and style. And tailoring is about more than clothes; it’s an attitude, a way of life. Today, women’s tailoring is more relevant than ever. With professional women in increasingly high-powered positions, the demand for luxury tailoring has increased dramatically. In today’s modern world, in certain sectors certainly, image is everything. With the economic status and lifestyle changes, now, more than ever, women are indulging their tastes for the finer things, and quality tailoring is one of them.

What do you enjoy about the process?
When I go to Hawkes, it is a tailoring experience. I absolutely enjoy every second of it. We start by selecting the finest fabrics, then choosing the style and cut. I love discovering tailoring techniques that will result in a suit crafted exactly to my measurements and personalised details inside and out. There are so many aspects to consider; the cut, the cloth, colour, the lining, stitching etc.


What sets Russell apart?
Russell is a professional tailor and a total perfectionist. He always pays close attention to the shape of the silhouette which is achieved through precise cut of fabric and tailoring nothing short of perfection. Russell and his team have an excellent reputation in Cardiff for gentlemen’s tailoring, but I don’t think many women realise that they can use Hawkes. For women, Hawkes is one of Cardiff’s best kept secrets you could say.

Would you recommend Hawkes and why?
Of course, and I already do. If you want a luxury, high quality tailored suit, Hawkes is the only place to go in Cardiff. Sophie is not the only female customer to be impressed with the tailored service that Hawkes offers. Russell asked Mandeep Sidhu after she had attended a recent leadership meeting if she was the best dressed lady in the room and she replied “No, I was the best dressed person!”

Hawkes Bespoke Outfitters
37-39 Morgan Arcade, Cardiff, CF10 1AF

029 2037 3780

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