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Rhoose Butcher Offers Home Deliveries

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In the good old days, for me the 1970s and 80s, we shopped differently, more sustainably. There were thousands of butchers, fruit and veg shops, and fishmongers across the country. In a crisis like this, the stress was shared out because we were buying so much locally and the local shops, in turn, from many different wholesalers – many of those were local.

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Now we don’t know what’s put in our food. We source all our meat locally and we know exactly where it’s come from. When you buy off a supermarket shelf, you might know the country it from which it originated but you really have no idea how it’s been processed. Look at the concern now about importing chlorinated chicken from America. It’s frightening, and the public should be concerned.

So, what can we do as shoppers?
Basically, shop local more often. Find a local butcher, support your local, independent fruit and veg shop. These people are the most sustainable businesses. You’re not supporting faceless shareholders of a company that, in some cases, don’t even pay their fair share in taxes. You’ll be supporting your local community. And you’ll be creating more employment locally.

What we can also do is keep supporting these businesses when the lockdown eases. The businesses that have stayed open for you, who risked their lives, their families lives and the lives of their employees to bring you the products that you can trust.

Barratts Fine Meats has been open throughout the pandemic and has introduced a delivery service throughout the Vale and into Cardiff. They have extended their working hours to include those needing their meat and other products from 4pm – 7pm. They know that not everyone wants to venture into the shop or can visit them during normal office hours, should they be one of the lucky ones to be able to go back to work. They also want to ensure that the elderly are able to access what they offer without risking their lives as they are in the vulnerable age group.

If you would like to learn more about their delivery service, then please either ring and speak to Lyn at the shop on 01446 719282 or ring Matthew on 07867 546564.

Barratts Fine Meats can be found at 15 Fontygary Road, Rhoose.

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For more information, please call Jennifer on 07766 106701.



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