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Hair Raising Tales: The Covid Curse

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I know there are a lot more things to grumble about being in lockdown, and I’m not for one minute trivialising the seriousness of this pandemic, the lives affected and sadly lost, but I seriously miss going to the hairdressers!

Jennifer Hobbs-Roberts Covid Hair 1
I always wear my hair in a short pixie style and have my hair cut every month to keep it in check, so to go three months without a cut is driving me insane. It’s a total mess! Even my dog doesn’t recognise me some days when I have bed head.

It’s not just the crop I’m missing. It’s the whole experience of going to a salon. It’s the only time in my busy schedule that I truly get to relax. When I step over the threshold, I know this is my me-time. I turn off my phone, immerse myself in the atmosphere and just… chill.

I get to read what I call “trashy” mags (celebrities with cellulite and bad outfit days – I know it’s cruel but we all secretly want to see those pics and the pointless celebs bitching and arguing about trivia and who wore it best!). Quite pathetic I know but the mindlessness of it all means I don’t have to think about more serious issues and work – just for a little while.

I miss the chatter of the stylists and the other women in the salon. I miss the ritual of the backwash, seeing other clients with their before and after heads.  The exciting buzz of it all.

I’ve been able to enjoy this experience with a couple of salons in the Vale over the years, my most recent being Blu Hair Design in Penarth and before that The Hair Business in Cowbridge. I’m a loyal customer, a creature of habit, so like to stick to what I know but as Sublime Hair & Beauty are in the village where I live, I thought I’d give them a try. Having worked with Vanessa through the magazine, I know she comes with excellent credentials, especially in the colouring arena, so I know I’ll be in safe hands.

Jennifer Hobbs-Roberts Covid Hair 2
My appointment is next Monday and to say I’m extremely excited is an understatement! Okay, so I’ll be washing and conditioning my hair before I go and I won’t be served my usual decaf or be able to the read the aforementioned trashy mags, but I will hopefully still enjoy the banter and the lopping off of the frizzy mess on top of my head.

Sublime Hair & Beauty

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