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Penny Lane Mini Is In Our Eyes At The Royal Mint

, / 1897

Apparently the Mini was purchased especially for The Royal Mint Experience by the marketing team around four years ago and sits proudly in the foyer.


Although it hasn’t officially had a penny count, the Royal Mint team believe there are around 8,500 pennies on it although some have fallen off! Some are so worn it’s impossible to see the date but they have found one from 1861! 


It is believed that it was commissioned for the short film that accompanied the song Penny Lane by The Beatles. This is not confirmed though so if anyone reading this has any more information, please do get in touch.


You’re probably wondering if it runs. We have it on good authority that it is missing a battery and fuel but, other than that, it could be roadworthy in a matter of hours.

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Photographs copyright Mark Roberts

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