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Nash Point: Where Dreams Are Made

Who'd get married in a lighthouse? You'd be surprised!
, / 1874

Having your wedding reception in a lighthouse is what dreams are made of. Stephanie and Steve made their dream a reality by choosing Nash Point for their special day. The date, 1st April 2019 (no fooling!) also happened to be Stef’s 50th birthday. Stef tells us more.

When and where did your fiancé Steve propose?
Steve and I were sat in our caravan in the Cotswolds one afternoon last summer sharing a lovely late lunch and talking about how happy we were. We had never talked about marriage before, but it just developed during our conversation. We came back from our weekend away full of stories of weddings and lighthouses!

Why did you decide to choose Nash Point as your wedding venue?
Having both been married before, we had had the big white weddings and we wanted this to be more intimate – somewhere really unique rather than county hall or a hotel. We came across Nash Point as a possible venue and we both knew instantly this was going to be a very special place for us. I lost my mum a few years back and one of our happiest days was having a picnic and cloud watching on the cliff tops alongside the lighthouse. Steve is an ex diver, so his love of the sea sealed it for us.

Did you look at other venues before choosing Nash Point?
We looked at venues online, but many were too large for us or felt too impersonal. Nash Point can seat 15 comfortably so it was just perfect for us.

Did you work with their wedding planner?
The team at Trinity House were so helpful and were keen to make sure our day was just right for us. Trinity House were updating some of the décor and sent us images so we could see what they were like. Nothing was too much trouble and they gave us access the day before to dress the lighthouse.

Did you use their caterers? How was the food?
Foods is not supplied by the lighthouse though they have a kitchen with fridge so that you can bring your own food. My sister Pip and her husband Alex run an Italian restaurant in Key West in Florida and they flew in for our wedding and took over the food and drink. They did an amazing job and took all the stress away from me.


How did the day go?
We were incredibly lucky with the weather. Blue sky and sunshine.  Lucky indeed for a location on a cliff top!

The ground floor is very much a working lighthousearea but we dressed it up with lanterns, garlands and a wisteria tree. The second floor has the kitchen and toilet and a full-length mirror so you can make last minute adjustments to dress and hair (quite important bearing in mind the cliff top location). The next floor has the original light and glass located in it – a fantastic piece of history and a lovely place to take photos and pause while the music changes ready for the bride’s assent. The wedding floor was stunning. A lady called Karen Thomson who owns Panache Wales did the décor in the lighthouse and she transformed the place into a dream. There were garlands and fairy lights up all the railings, wisteria trees on each floor and collections of lanterns, candles, and the most amazing drift wood and flowers. The effect was stunning.

The ceremony was perfect. My son Sam gave me away which was very important to me. With its being such as small gathering, we didn’t have best men or bridesmaids, but Steve’s sons were heavily involved and my sister, Pip, read a wonderful poem. With our being able to personalise our lines and vows – the Registrars from Barry were lovely ladies who seemed to relish the special day as much as we all did. After the ceremony took place Steve and I went off with Karl Baker our photographer for our photos, some inside the lighthouse and some outside and on the cliff tops. Our guests went to the floor above for food and drinks and then were able to go on up to the very top where the light was rotating. With windows on all floors and on all sides the views of the sea and cliffs is magical.

Finally, we converged on the grass outside for a champagne toast and to put a seal on the most perfect event ever. The beauty and quirkiness of the lighthouse added to our special day making this an event like no other.

What was the most special part of the day?
That is hard to pinpoint as it was all so magical. Every element had its own beauty and special memory. The lighthouse itself with the different floors – each with its own character and purpose broke up the event into separate wonderful moments.

What was working with the people at Nash Point like?
The Trinity House ladies were so fantastic making sure everything ran as it should. Throughout the day they were there when you needed them and melted into the background when we didn’t.

Would you recommend Nash Point to friends?
If you want a small intimate, unique location with people who care about your day as much as you do then you cannot find a better place than Nash Point. We feel incredibly honoured and privileged to have been married there.

Where did you honeymoon?
We had a week in Scotland in a gorgeous log cabin located on the banks of a salmon river near Oban We had lots of walks around the islands off the west coast and cosy pub dinners – the perfect honeymoon.

Nash Point Lighthouse
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Images courtesy of Karl Baker, Swansea