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Llantwit Major has more than it's fair share of blue plaques demonstrating the huge amount of history packed into this cool coastal town.
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Being a coastal town, Llantwit boasts a fine beach and a stunning coastal profile. You can of course drive down to the beach but, more often than not, we prefer the walk. There is a decent car park there (and a cafe). Careful during stormy weather when the tides are high, even the car park can get a battering and it’s not unusual to see large pebbles and boulders strewn about.

I’ve heard Llantwit described as “The Valleys By The Sea” and for good reason. Llantwit, like the South Wales Valleys, has a real community spirit so, having friends and relatives that live in and around the valleys, we appreciate the comparison completely. Residents are, we’ve found, very friendly and helpful to tourists in particular. It has to be said that, in the past, Llantwit could get a little rowdy on the weekend, it being the go-to town for the military personnel from St Athan camp. However, the camp’s military significance has diminished greatly in recent years so, shall we say, there is less testosterone in the air.

Vale Life loves ‘Llantwit’…
We frequently walk the coast there and there are some decent indie shops and businesses and a good selection of eateries. If you’re passing pop in and take a drive down to the beach. The coastline is stunning. Usually the cafe is open and you can have a bacon roll and a cuppa or an ice cream. Whatever floats your boat.

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