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Jenny Lambert Art

Well known for its agricultural heritage, Cowbridge has also made its mark in the arts.
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Jenny Lambert Art can be found in Verity’s Court – a real hidden gem in Cowbridge. She always loved to paint, but due to a nine to five job, she hadn’t picked up a paint brush in years. Things have certainly changed. 

Processed with MOLDIVWhen you walk up the stairs of the building in Verity’s Court, you are greeted by three things. Jenny, a wall of bright colours and a lovely black Labrador called Tinker. Jenny tells us more.

What do you love about your studio in Verity’s Court?
There are lots of art and crafts going on here. It’s got the best gardens of the town and is just something a bit different. My studio is based above Buttercup Cwtch, a lovely gift shop, so it’s a great match for my work. I get on so well with owner Elly – we really gel. I love being here!

What made you decide to leave your nine to five job and paint again?
I worked in recruitment for about five years, which was well paid but so target driven, that I became unhappy there. I’d always been good at art in school and did it up to A level. However, I didn’t get on with my art teacher and I didn’t paint for years and years after that and only started painting again about five years ago. One of my family members asked me if I could paint something for them. It all kind of started from there really.

Describe your style of painting.
I love capturing our beautiful Welsh scenery in bright and vibrant paintings. I do have quite a distinct style. It’s abstract I suppose. It’s a very happy style and a lot of people think it’s quite cartoon like. I suppose they are realistic scenes with a bit of artistic licence.

Your dog Tinker features quite heavily in your work?
I’ve got a lot to thank Tinker for. She’s been a great inspiration to me. She appears in all my works – I had to include her in everything. Kids come in and when you tell them that she is in every painting, they spend ages looking for her. Adults love it as well.

So, do you accept commissions?
I do a lot of the little things which do really well as presents like the tea towels and mugs but, thanks to my presence in the studio, I’m now taking commission for peoples’ houses or favourite scenes. Things like favourite beach scenes or places which hold great memories. Customers can buy my existing work in the gallery, order online, or chat to me about a commission.

The only things I won’t paint are pets or people – apart from Tinker that is!

Jenny Lambert Art
Upstairs in Buttercup Cwtch Shop
Verity’s Court, Cowbridge CF71 7AJ
07827 668273

Opening hours
Monday 10am – 4pm
Tuesday to Friday 10am – 5pm
Saturday 10am- 4pm
Closed Sunday

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