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Harley Street, London, is a name synonymous with world class medicine, the best cosmetic surgeons or aesthetic practitioners and, over recent decades, a place most people think of when seeking the very best hair transplant procedures in the world. With the opening of Head Quarters on Charles Street, Cardiff, those seeking the best won’t have as far to travel.


Stifyn Parry is a much-admired Welsh media star, entrepreneur and entertainer. He is the Managing Director of Mr Producer. Stifyn has thirty-five years’ experience in the creative industries and works as creative producer, entertainer, presenter, consultant, writer and mentor. He has now joined the growing list of customers for this revolutionary procedure. Vale Life caught up with Stifyn to find out more.

Stifyn, tell us a little more about your life in the public eye.

I set up Mr Producer in 2001 and produced some of Wales’ most prominent live events such as the Opening Weekend of Wales Millennium Centre for BBC Wales, and Welcome 2 Wales, Ryder Cup Opening Concert at the Millennium Stadium for SKY 1 and Sky Arts.

I created and managed the globally renowned Welsh Expat Social Welsh and Sexy Society (SWS) for over ten years, with events in London, Spain, New York and Russia.

As an entertainer, I starred as Marius in Les Miserables in London’s West End, as an actor playing Christopher Duncan in Channel 4’s Brookside and a presenter of a game show and chat show.

When not entertaining, I deliver seminars, workshops and private sessions to develop confidence in performance and interview/audition technique to all ages and abilities.

What made you want a hair transplant?
I decided to have a hair transplant at Head Quarters Hair Transplant Clinic in Cardiff after having the owner and Ex All Black and Cardiff Blues captain Xavier Rush in to talk on my Radio Cardiff Chat show “Stifyn’s Stuff.”

I was always known for my piercing blue eyes and thick head of hair I describe as a “door stop” in Brookside.

My father always had very thick hair and he started to lose his hair early. When my brother lost his hair early, I used to take the mick out of him and then, much to my disappointment, I started to lose my own hair.

My choice to have a hair transplant isn’t one of vanity. If it was, I would tell you. Neither is it to restore my confidence. I certainly don’t lack confidence! I teach confidence. What I lack is hair!

It was about taking the choice back, I didn’t choose to lose my hair and, given the choice, when I was told that it wasn’t too late and I could have my hair back with a two day hair transplant procedure, I thought why not.

How did you find the procedure?
I finally decided I’d like my hairline back and cannot believe the results. Instant! And will only get better over the next months. It’s been an amazing experience and, honestly, I couldn’t wait to come back the second day because firstly, I had a laugh, and secondly, because It’s fascinating. I have learnt so much about my hair and now I won’t speak to anyone on the phone. I’ll only facetime them because I’m so excited and I’m showing everyone my hair saying look I have hair again!

I don’t believe a hair transplant should be referred to as a transplant. To me I immediately think of a kidney transplant. I don’t think it should be called an operation either as that sounds dramatic. It should be called a procedure, as everything else implies pain and drama and the whole experience was stress- free, pain-free and very enjoyable, getting looked after so well I’ve really enjoyed it. When I arrived, I thought this is marvelous, getting pampered and resting it’s like going to a spa for the day!

The phenomenal, friendly team were led by Dr Ted Miln – a true gent and highly experienced surgeon, and the charming front man for ex rugby player Xavier Rush. And I didn’t have to get on a plane, or a train either! Thank you HQ – now affectionately known at our house as Hairy Queen. Diolch o dop fy mhen!

Initially, did you have any concerns about the procedure?
I did. I was concerned that it would look as natural as my hair looked before, how long it would take and whether it would be painful. Dr Ted Miln is a true artist. He is meticulous. He designed my hairline not only based on my bone structure and facial dimensions, but he actually asked me to bring in old photos and he recreated my old hair line perfectly. My procedure took two days (most hair transplants take only one day) and no, it wasn’t painful at all. Not only that, Dr Ted Miln and the team replanted and recreated my crown, putting the hairs into a circular manner to complement the way they will grow back naturally.

Would you recommend the procedure to others?
Absolutely! To anyone thinking about having a hair transplant consultation, book one in. The consultation is free and you can ask as many questions as you like. The answers are fascinating as, on one hand, it’s absolutely simple; you move hair from the back and sides of the head and replant it in the top where it’s bald. On the other hand, it’s so detailed because we have grafts with one, two, three, four, five bulbs and the hair grows in patterns that the surgeon respects and recreates like an artist only replanting single follicles to the front of the head.

The only thing you have to worry about is finding time in the clinic’s busy diary that works with your availability. 

To have a Harley Street Hair transplant surgeon like Dr Ted Miln here in Wales, in Cardiff, why on earth would I go to London, or anywhere else? As soon as you meet the man who is doing your procedure you will know that you are in the best hands.

Where do you live?
We live in St Fagans and whilst it doesn’t qualify as the Vale, we are on the cusp as we’re literally down the road. In fact, when we bought our house, I actually though we were in the Vale, but hey ho!

Although St Fagans is very beautiful, it has no community feel, apart from our closest neighbours. We have no shops, post office, so no heart to the community. This is why I love the Vale so much, all the towns and villages seem to have such a healthy heartbeat

What do you love about the Vale of Glamorgan?
I love the walks along the cliff tops, the seaside walks, and BBQs at Porthkerry Park. There are so many great country pubs to choose from, and restaurants too. I’m really fond of Llantwit Major and have friends who live there. It has a real community feel and I have had some of the best evenings there.

Do you frequent any of the restaurants/pubs there?
I really like the Old Swan in Llantwit for its great food and excellent atmosphere. One of my favourite places to eat is the Hare and Hound in Aberthin, and I am ecstatic that the owners have opened up the Heathock Pub near me in Llandaff. My favourite thing is to just jump in the car and get lost in the Vale. That’s easy for me as I have no sense of direction! Where I end up always seems so picturesque and special.

Any particular shops on your go to?
I’m not a big shopper, but when I do, I go mad, and I’ve gone mad quite a few times in and around Cowbridge, then end up eating and drinking – no shock there!

More about HQ Head Quarters…

Head Quarter’s key focus is to give people support and advice without jargon or any hard sell. Once a bespoke plan of action has been decided for each patient, the focus is on creating a natural hairline through artistry and precision, maximising hair density whilst respecting the donor area and via innovative technology perfecting graft extraction to optimise speedy recovery.

Head Quarters aftercare is of the highest standard including a fantastic aftercare pack, personalised hair washes and follow up appointments to support patients through their hair growth journey. Having a resident hair transplant surgeon Dr Ted Miln and his team formerly of Harley street is paramount to give patients continuity of aftercare.

Xavier Rush has worked tirelessly to create a centre of excellence for hair loss solutions and hair restoration in the UK.

Putting together a team of resident experts at easily accessible sites in Cardiff, Bristol and London to feed the growing demand for men and women looking for hair loss support.

HQ now offer virtual consulting, so you can have a consultation from the comfort of your living room. To request this, please email

HQ Head Quarters
Hair Transplants for Men

44 Charles Street
Cardiff CF10 2GE
Book a consultation 0800 193 3888

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