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Recycle Your Plastic Plant Trays At Cross Farm Nursery

Cross Farm Nursery, in Pentre Meyrick near Cowbridge, is inviting customers to return their plastic plant trays so they can be recycled free of charge.
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Cross Farm Nursery near Cowbridge have a holistic approach to gardens and gardening so are doing their best to reuse and recycle as much as possible.

Owner Charlotte England says, “The industry has yet to create a viable alternative to the plastic pot trays but they are working on it. Meanwhile, we can reuse them and that means less will need to be produced.”

Customers who buy several plants often use the trays to take the plants home in. They’re much easier to carry that way, and it stops them tipping over in the car. But, instead of putting them out for refuse collection, you can drop them off next time you’re in Cross Farm. “We can return them to the growers,” says Charlotte. “It’s a recycling win, win!”

Cross Farm Nursery
The gardeners’ garden centre
Pentre Meyrick
Cowbridge CF71 7RN
07523 459949

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