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Box Clever With Recycling Storage Solutions

Struggling with your recycling bags? Nowhere to store? Problems with pests? This could be a solution!
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At the start of the 2020 lockdown, Richard Pike turned to DIY to keep himself occupied. Little did he know that his efforts at tidying up his recycling storage would turn into a growing business.

Richard built his first recycling storage bench in early lockdown Feb 2020. “First test, Mrs Pike!” he says, Thankfully, it passed with glowing approval. “She loved it!” And, filled with confidence, and feeling pretty pleased with himself, Richard showed it to his neighbour, who also thought it was a great idea and promptly asked Richard if he would make one for him!

The rest as they say is history. Orders snowballed. Richard is now supplying recycling storage solutions across Wales and has developed a new flatpack which can be sent anywhere in the UK.

We ask Richard what his thought process was and what motivated him to come up with this unique product. “Recycling is so important to the environment, but I have to say the bags are difficult to manage; there are so many! My first thought was a plastic box. Being a larger gentleman, my thoughts turned to trying to find a stronger wooden container that could double as extra seating in our garden.”

“I have to say someone else invented a wooden box before me, but all I was doing was moving the problem of using the bags into a box which I would have to take out of the box to use, that’s when I came up with my design, lift the lid drop in the recycling, job done!”

Also, having dogs, Richard soon released that another problem could be solved: “No more picking up my recycling around the garden distributed by my dogs and the local seagulls. Stormy weather! Again, another issue solved, bags and caddies all safe from the wind and out of sight.”

Three years on Richard and his small team are producing ‘Recycling Storage Solutions’, bike sheds, log stores and garden furniture. “It’s been quite a journey,” he says. “Recycling our household waste properly makes a massive impact to our environment, reducing landfill and recycling waste, Recycling Storage Solutions helps you manage your recycling and make your life easier.”

We’re pretty sure that journey has only just begun.

Recycling Storage Solutions
Unit 6, Woodham Road, Barry CF63 4JE
07717 643182

Products are also displayed at:

The Independents Store

114-116 Holton Road, Barry CF63 4HH

Opening hours
Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm

Cardiff Indoor Flea Market
Clydesmuir Industrial Estate
2 Clydesmuir Road, Cardiff CF24 2QS

Opening hours
Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday 9am – 5pm

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