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Appreciation For Some Local Vale Life Heroes

Vale Life magazine is distributed to hundreds of carefully selected outlets across The Vale of Glamorgan.
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The real local heroes seldom get the praise they deserve. Often it’s the loudest and most insincere that seem to get their faces in the papers. Occasionally, the real good girls and good guys get a well deserved pat on the back, even if they don’t go looking for it.

Since Vale Life published its first issue back in 2007, we have been blessed with distributors who have always agreed to take the magazines and be pick-up points for our loyal readers. We can never thank them enough. We always appreciate that, with many retailers and outlets, for a short time at least, the magazines take up valuable retail space. Okay, the magazines are never there very long (they do go like hot cakes), but the fact remains, they are for a few days in the limelight.

One such hero is Gill, who works at the Post Office in Bonvilston. Gill works hard, along with the other members of staff, to ensure the Post Office and shop runs smoothly. We often use Bonvilston and Llantwit Major Post Offices to post magazines, and any Ebay items we’ve sold. We really appreciate the service to the community and Vale Life.

So this is us just saying thank you to Gill and all the other brilliant retailers and hard working small businesses across the Vale. Yes, we’re clapping.

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