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There Goes The Alarm! Greenpoint Security Delivers

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When it comes to family, security is everything. Home security especially. Fortunately, we live in a part of the Vale of Glamorgan that doesn’t have huge crime issues. We also have a couple of reasonably robust social media groups that will occasionally go into meltdown over something or other but, for the most part, do a fair job when it comes to letting everyone know if there are undesirables about or any ‘issues’ in the area. But, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Naturally, the thing that concerns most of us is personal and home security. Personal security tends to be ignored and dealt with by merely thinking ‘it won’t happen to me’ and, thankfully, that is true unless we put ourselves in situations that ordinarily we wouldn’t.

So, when we think of home security, we might consider one of those lovely hackable kits we can buy online or have a full system installed. We chose the latter – a few years back we went for the ‘all bells and whistles’ installation with the glowing box on the wall and five reasonably high-definition cameras that covered most of our property. This, to be fair, has operated smoothly for several years until quite recently. The cameras couldn’t be accessed. Then the system box started making strange noises, then nothing.

Now we’d always used Greenpoint IT in Barry for any IT issues and I was aware Greenpoint’s owner, Kris Price, also had a security arm to the business. Kris was already visiting us to sort out a minor issue on one of our PCs so I asked him if he could take a look at the alarm system. He said he would need to put some time aside so we booked him in a few days later and asked if he could troubleshoot the system and give it a service.

Tuesday arrived and Kris appears, on time. I asked how long it would take and he suggested it should be no more than about 90 minutes (assuming the problems were no more than the usual glitches that he sees). Two hours passed, then three – Kris identified the problem. The glowing box outside had not been mounted correctly. As our house has quite rough, rendered pebble dash, the company who had originally installed it hadn’t sealed one part of the unit meaning that dust, moisture or both would eventually get to the wiring and electronics and, ultimately, the complete system would fail.

Kris Price

Clearly the previous installer had become frustrated with it and not bothered to fit the internal cover of one of the components. It did take a further hour to sort but finally all was good-to-glow again and all the five cameras were up and running. What a relief.

To be fair, Kris did say that he could understand why they hadn’t persevered as it was quite difficult to get it to fit properly but it just meant that the system would pop its clogs eventually. Thankfully it appears Kris and Greenpoint Security are every bit as good as Greenpoint IT.

So, whether it’s a broken phone screen, a cantankerous PC or a blind security system, you know who to call, Greenpoint. They’ve never let us down.

Greenpoint IT & Security
18 Holton Road, Barry CF63 4HD
01446 728225

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