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Short Hair Is Sublime

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If you’re thinking of going short, be bold and take the plunge. Owner of Sublime Hair and Beauty in Rhoose shares a few reasons to help you decide on your next pixie cut or crop.

*It’s exciting
*It’s empowering
*You might feel more comfortable in your new style
*It takes less time to get ready
*You may look good with short hair
*Short is bold, and bold is awesome
*You’ll be a trend setter
* You’ll be in great company (think Judy Dench, Mia Farrow, Zoe Kravitz, Halle Berry, Lupita Nyongo and many more)
*It grows back!

Why do women come to you asking for a short style Vanessa?
Usually it’s because they want a complete change of style. This can be for a number of reasons; a milestone birthday, a change of circumstances like a new job/new partnerd, they may have seen a pic in a magazine, or a change of season.

What’s the most requested shorter hair cut?
Definitely the pixie crop. It’s short but it’s still feminine and you can still change it up by wearing it a bit more textured with texturizing gum or flat to the head with gel.

What are the benefits of a shorter cut?
It takes less time to blow-dry and style, less hair means less products to use, less damage from styling products and equipment and less split ends!

How can you make it look different? Surely you’re just stuck with shorter hair?
Not at all! Even with short hair, you can still be versatile with it. You can wear it neat and tidy with a side-swiped fringe for a delicate take on the trend (think white shirt, jeans and flat pumps a la Audrey Hepburn) or go for the wet slicked-back look with more sass (smoky eyes, leather biker, ripped jeans and biker boots). With the Christmas party season on its way, you can even dress it up with some diamante clips or headband.

Will it suit everyone?
No, not everyone. It tends to suit ladies with smaller features. But ask your stylist and she or he will advise you. If you are lucky enough to have those smaller features, a pixie crop will help to emphasise your bone structure, frame your face and make your cheekbones and collarbones pop. It’s tres chic.

Any downsides?
It will need a regular trim to keep it in shape. I like to trim a shorter cut every three weeks.

If you would like to try a change of hairstyle, give Vanessa a call at Sublime Hair and Beauty, Rhoose for free, no obligation advice.

Sublime Hair & Beauty
4 Stewart Road
Rhoose, Barry CF62 3EZ
01446 711799

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