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Man Cave Calling!

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Man Cave is becoming one of our most popular features with ‘males’ across the Vale of Glamorgan. Whether you’re a gentleman with a penchant for fine atire and good footwear or a creative chap looking to decorate your shed, den, office, attic or man cave, we regularly feature items and products (and the occasional service) that just might make life a little more bearable.

Damn fine features. Even if we do say so ourselves…

But what if you’re a business or company that wishes the aforementioned desirables to be displayed in such a fine feature. “How would one go about that?” I hear you cry (ruggedly).

Well, it isn’t too complicated (thankfully). If you are a local or national company and you think Vale Life readers would like your product, please drop us a line. Best person to contact would be Mark Roberts on 07766 106731 or email Give him a clue by putting Man Cave in the subject bar.

“But I’m a lady!”
If, on the other mitten, your products are aimed more at ladies, then please contact Jennifer Hobbs-Roberts. Her regular My Favourite Things feature may be more appropriate. Jennifer can be contacted by emailing

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