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Lockdown: Kathryn Phillips Makes Us Pawz for Thought

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Kathryn Phillips is a dog groomer and has a well respected salon in Rhoose called Posh Pawz. We’re big fans of Kathryn and Posh Pawz as our own Jack Russell, and Vale Life mascot, Lucy, goes there regularly for “spa days”. We chatted with Kathryn to find out how things have been during lockdown.

Kathryn Phillips Vale Life Posh Pawz
Kathryn is always smiling and even through all this, she has remained optimistic. “Like many small businesses, it’s been really tough. I  had to close my salon on Tuesday 24th of March due to the government guidelines. I only attend the salon to take messages and to deal with any emergencies with dogs suffering with nails or glands.”

We asked how things have changed since she closed. “I communicate with my clients via e-mail and text messaging in order to give them advice on keeping their coats maintained as best they can. I have had plenty of lovely pictures from my clients with their self grooming attempts which have all kept me amused. It has been great to see them.”

We were curious if Kathryn had been utilising any new technology (people seem to be Zooming a lot). “I have bought a new grooming programme to record my clients details and keep appointments up to date so I have been transferring the relevant details over updating and getting used to it,” she says.

We asked what has frustrated her the most about being closed. “It is very frustrating for me as so many of my doggie clients are suffering from matting and especially with the heat. Quite a lot of them are three months overdue for their grooms.”

Vale Life Lucy Hobbs-Roberts
Lucy hasn’t had that problem, being short haired, but she has certainly missed her pampering sessions. Ordinarily she dislikes being bathed and usually disappears when anyone mentions the word. She hates it usually but always seems content to let Kathryn give her a shampoo and she’s always happy when we pick her up, all pretty in her stylish Posh Pawz bandana.

We asked Kathryn how she is managing at home. “At the moment I am staying at home with my partner and daughter. This pandemic is something that so many of us have never seen in our lifetime and I sincerely hope it never happens again.”

Like us, Kathryn has elderly relatives – it’s been quite challenging running around doing the shopping etc but we have been lucky with the weather. Queuing outside in torrential rain would have been awful but, touch wood, the weather has held for the most part.

Kathryn says, “I am currently supporting my elderly dad and step mum in Swansea,  my ex mum-in-law in Rhoose and my partner’s elderly parents in Abergavenny. Very upsetting as we can’t even give them a hug. I’m assuming it is going to be a long time before we are able to do that but at least they are safe and well.”

We asked if she feels she has learned anything from the experience. “Hopefully we will all learn valuable lessons from all this and not take things for granted and, most of all, to be kind.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Posh Pawz
11 Fontygary Road
Vale Of Glamorgan
CF62 3DR
01446 710044

Posh Pawz is rated 5 stars on Facebook – no surprise to us

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