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Vale Life is certainly highly regarded. It’s The Vale of Glamorgan’s premier lifestyle magazine. One lovely lady described it as “The Vogue of The Vale”, which, we must confess, we were really touched by. We still get a huge buzz when we see people picking it up or sat reading it with a coffee. We’re very proud of our baby even if it is now, at thirteen, technically a teenager.

Print has always been the mainstay but, more and more, our reach is defined by our digital editions and our social media channels and, as successful as we are (check out our stats), we do actually have a lot more to offer. So we thought it might be useful if we listed our services. So here goes, please check out the list of services below…

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As publishers we’re very familiar with print. Our backgrounds are graphics and print anyway so we have over forty years of experience. We can print virtually anything you want from a business card right up to hard-backed books.

Most of the work we do is business printing; newsletters, journals, stationary, brochures, booklets, menus and annual reports. We have turned our talents to packaging over the years too. So don’t be afraid to ask.

There’s virtually nothing we haven’t printed or got printed over the years. One of the things we hear very often is how beautiful readers think the magazine is, so we must be doing something right.

Design and graphics
Our background is in branding, design and graphics. Mark has worked as a designer, art director and creative director and has immense experience with a huge variety of sectors – from one man bands to giant corporates. Whatever you need designing, we have the talent and creativity to deliver.

We’ve designed some beautiful identities over the years and many have stood the test of time. If you need a new logo, signage or vehicle livery, we can certainly make you stand out from the crowd.

Logo design
We must have designed hundreds over the years for all sorts of clients across dozens of sectors. We have plenty of samples, so if you’d like to see some, just ask.

Signs and signage
If you need signage designed and produced, don’t hesitate to ask. From traditional signwriting to eye-catching neon, we can help your business stand out from the crowd.

Whether it’s copy for an ad or text for a website, at Vale Life writing is at the core of our business. So if you’re stuck for words, you can rest assured we won’t be.

We’ve been designing and building websites for over twenty years. In the past, we’ve built in html and Flash, but these days the generally accepted industry standard is WordPress. We look after all of the Life sites (Vale Life, City Life and many more). We understand SEO, and we write the content, so you’re dealing with people who understand the whole process; visually, technically and content-wise.

These days we, design and build brochure sites, blog sites and e-commerce sites. Whatever your requirement, you’ll be in good hands.

Social media
If you are in business you’ll no doubt be on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc). But do you find it difficult and time-consuming coming up with ideas and creating effective content? If you think your time is better spent looking after other aspects of your business then perhaps we can help.

We look after the social media accounts for several businesses. Weroffer affordable monthly packages or one-off campaigns. And, with a social following around a quarter of a million with reach and engagement in the millions, it makes sense to piggy back on our success.

If you need any of the services we’ve mentioned, please get in touch.

We’ll be updating and adding more services shortly…

For design, signage, vehicle livery, exhibitions and websites, please contact Mark.

Mark Roberts

Creative Director
07766 106731

For writing, marketing, social media and publishing, please contact Jennifer.

Jennifer Hobbs-Roberts

Group Managing Editor
07766 106701

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