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Don’t Be A Dog With A Bone

The Lab Report: “Dog with a bone” definition: Stubborn and tenacious; persistent; relentless; dogged; not willing to stop until you have finished dealing with something, especially a problem that is worrying you.
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Arthur, the black Labrador at Vale Solicitors, and his assistant Paddington, understand loyalty and the importance of reconciliation after the occasional scrap. They are the best of friends but sometimes there can be issues over a stick, a squeaky toy, or the last treat in the jar. They understand the challenges facing a dog with a bone.

In our human lives difficulties can arise in marriages, partnerships, business relations and between neighbours. Reconciliation can sometimes be difficult, and problems can get worse if the talking stops and the barking and growling begins.

If you cannot talk to one another, then an early conversation with an experienced and understanding Solicitor can help you find a way forward. Getting the right advice may help you to talk again.

Your problems may be solvable quickly or you may need a plan of action to resolve matters over a period of time.

Court Proceedings can be hugely expensive and time consuming and should be the last resort in any dispute. Where possible we will always seek a proper solution for you whether by negotiation or mediation.
Vale Solicitors have good and very experienced Solicitors. Jeff Lloyd and Jon Hewitson have been guiding people through matrimonial and childcare problems for decades. Our associate Solicitor Denisa Buciuta (above) is building a fine reputation as a family lawyer.

We are accredited by the Law Society as members of the Family Law Panel: the recognised quality standard for Family Law Practitioners. We also hold a contract with the Legal Services Commission to provide legal aid in Family matters.

Where Legal Aid is not available, we will agree fixed fees and a clear and fair fee structure.

For Civil Disputes (problems with boundaries, disputes over wills, business difficulties etc.) our Senior Partner, Michael Morgan. is accredited by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors as an Evaluative Civil and Commercial Mediator.

If you are facing a legal challenge of any nature, please give us a call. In most circumstances your first consultation will be free of charge. Don’t be like a “dog with a bone”.
Michael Morgan

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