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Any Day At Keyif Is A K-Day!

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With only a few evenings left before another lockdown in Wales, we were debating which restaurant we could support. Mark prefers a Chinese meal; I prefer Indian and Jack’s a burger kind of guy, but we all agree on one type of cuisine that ticks all our boxes and that’s Turkish. We are incredibly lucky in the Vale of Glamorgan to have one of the best Turkish restaurants in Wales, so a visit to Keyif was booked.

I’ll begin by saying that all Covid-19 restrictions and guidelines were followed.

Mark and Jack opted for the Calamari (freshly fried squid rings with tartar sauce) – £6.95. These were cooked to perfection and polished off in a jiffy. They both love these so much it’s a given that these will be their starter of choice every time.

Mains for Mark was the Keyif Mixed Grill (a selection of marinated tender chicken and lamb cubes, lamb ribs, chicken, and lamb koftes, lamb chops and chicken wings) – £18.50. The plate was, as the description suggests, full to the brim of succulent meat cooked with a selection of herbs and spices. Jack chose the lamb ribs (marinated tender lamb ribs charcoal grilled) – £14.95. Jack has a hearty appetite (he even finished a couple of items from Mark’s plate!) There were no complaints there! I opted for the rib eye steak with mixed, grilled vegetables and a cheeky peppercorn sauce. Both Mark and Jack’s meals were accompanied by rice and chips (plus a decent portion of vegetable garnish).

We were all too full for desserts but that didn’t stop Mark making some room for the Keyif rice pudding (rice mixed with milk and sugar, slow cooked and poured into casserole and baked in oven) – £4.95. He has this every time we go to Keyif and it never disappoints.

A couple of coffees and some Baklava finished off a superb evening.

They say a good meal is a mix of three elements – food, atmosphere, and service. The first two boxes were ticked but it’s the service where Keyif really shines. Owner Mehmet would probably cringe a bit if he read this, but he is the most humble, kind, and genuine guy. A real gent. The passion he has for his restaurant and home country are authentic. All he wants is his customers to have the best time. Rest assured Mehmet, as usual we did.

Keyif is now serving its customers via a takeaway option until the restrictions are lifted once again. More information on this can be found on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

To say a booking here would tick all your boxes is a guarantee. And it’s not often you can say that!

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Meanwhile you can takeaway…
To find out more about this superb restaurant and what’s available for takeaway, please visit their facebook page.

21 Glebe Street
Penarth CF64 1EE
029 2070 2429

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