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Shopping At Waitrose Could Cost You More

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If you’re a regular shopper at Waitrose, Cowbridge, you’ve probably noticed those parking signs branded in the tasteful grey and green Waitrose colours and sporting the stylish Waitrose font. But be careful, if you overstay your welcome (two hours as it stands), you’ll probably be the recipient of a hefty £70 fine.


Interesting how it says “May result in…”

If you’re thinking you can pop in, have a quiet word with the manager and explain yourself out of it, think again. Despite the tasteful Waitrose branding, Waitrose doesn’t manage the carpark, or the fines. It’s handed by a third party – and they’re not as ‘smiley’ as the Waitrose ‘colleagues’.

A good tip is to set your timer on your Samsung (other smartphones are available) for just under two hours. That way, you can relax and, even if you’re distracted, won’t end up being caught out.

Have you had any run ins with private parking companies in the vale?

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